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10 Ways to Make Money Via the Internet

This is one of the oldest online revenue generation methods. Many organizations have built their own businesses in this way. Modify and combine with other products and sell at a higher price. Build a website with specific audiences and use the Collaborative System for Sales with other businesses. In this system, you sell a product from another company on your website. If you can provide valuable content for users looking for specific product information and then direct them to where they can buy it, you can get a percentage of every sale. Although this method requires a lot of time and effort to reach revenue, but if you can produce high-quality content, it will be a good source of online revenue.

Launch your blog or web site

Take note of the continuous presence in the World of Web View (WWW) with the launch of your website. Use your website to share your hobbies, comments and interests with others, and take advantage of your page to connect with people. By doing so, you’re able to create a steady income by collecting online ads (for example Google AdWords), selling partnerships (explained in full in the next paragraph), and through the list of users.

Create video content online in online networks

For example, you can create a funny comedy video. Comedy videos are played promptly. There are a few comedians. Others are also waiting for their turn. There are hundreds of comedians looking for a way to show their talent. You can help them by setting up an online comedy club and online laugh.  Every video can improve Alexa rank in every website.  Nobody feels like overexerting themselves in the summer heat … that includes those pesky marketing projects that nobody seems to want to take on like improving your Alexa ranking.  But, did you know that with a few clicks of a mouse, you can Buy Alexa traffic which will positively impact your score quickly?  And with the right company, it’s safe, easy and affordable.

Start a telegram channel

Monthly earnings of 3 million USD only from the telegram channel, with less than 3 hours a day, is not an attractive idea? LT is! Think your hard work? Well … yeah one! But if you really want it, you can do it. The first thing to do is launch a telegram channel. Funny and funny content is usually something people like. Fun content is the most convenient option. Once you’ve generated content, it’s scheduled for channel members on the channel, and after increasing members of the channel, you will receive money from other channels to promote them on your channel. Well, let’s figure out how much your earnings can be?

Online publication (eBook)

Regardless of your current lifestyle and your current job, a book within you is likely to scream out to find a way out. The Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform has given thousands of people the opportunity to sell their eBooks and make money. Of course, you can also use it to attract the attention of traditional publishers to your book.

Place ads on the site

If your site is a visitor, you can earn money from the Internet by placing advertisements for companies and services offering goods and services. In general, we have 3 types of internet ads:

Cost Per Click (CPC): In this method, a certain amount will be deposited into your account for each banner placed on your site. You can use the site to get the clickable link.

Cost per view (CPM): In this manner, the number of times an advertisement is displayed is the basis for receiving the cost.

Cost based on the duration of the advertisement: In this case, you will display a company’s advertisement for a certain period on your site. Regardless of the number of viewers and clicks.

Free lancing online

If you have special journalistic and writing skills, Freelancing (working as Freelance) can be your second source of income. Companies are increasingly moving toward using external resources to do some of their specific assignments, and if you can prove yourself, many things to do are waiting for you. Even with simple skills such as data entry and information, you can spend between 5 and 10 hours a week for this. A computer connected to the Internet and a will to collect respectable customers is all that you need. The chances of living are the same opportunities that allow you to gain valuable skills and experience that make your current business and job experience more expensive and more expensive than ever. Explanation Translator: Freelancing is a form of work contract in which a person undertakes to do something in return for a specified wage for the employer. Freelancer is the one who does the job without a long-term commitment to the employer, usually on a daily or project basis.

Click Advertising

One of the best ways to monetize the Internet for sites that are content-centric and have high traffic are using click advertising. There are many companies in the field of general advertising that can be used to advertise this kind of advertising on your site. In this way, revenue is earned per click per IP. Web sites that use this method will usually place their banner ads on the site bar or user’s site. So, you redesigned your website and want to make sure prospective customers see it ….  There’s a way to do this that’s safe, easy and affordable! Buy website Traffic and Don’t waste your time casting your sales net too wide.  Instead, target exactly the types of prospects you want by geography or keywords to greatly increase campaign success!

Provide online counseling

Just like Freelance, you can sell your knowledge. If you can appear as a specialist, you see that there are many people who want to pay for your time. You can also summarize your skills and experience in the form of a program. This model has more scalable revenue generation.

Create online courses

If you are specialist in a field, you can sell your knowledge as a training course. These courses can be presented in the form of e-books and generate a lot of money. Revenues from these courses are inactive, meaning you only spend time creating them, and then you will see some money marketing with little marketing.

Very Useful Tire Care For Your Car

Tires as part of a car that needs attention, tires are not just a display, but more important is tire pressure because it can be a cause of accidents and waste of fuel. Tire care is divided into 2 parts, pay attention to some of my following explanations, which must be very useful for you.


Treatments related to appearance that we can do ourselves with the following stages:

Wash the tires cleanly using soap to detect leaks (patch if there is an indication of leakage) after that use a special Wax and tire cleaner, this serves to clean the tires and alloy wheels from the mud and the dirt that does not forget to spray water on the area that has been cleaned.

Check the tire carefully, sometimes there are nails, wires or other sharp objects that stick in the tire but do not make the tire leak, if there is an object, pull it out with pliers or pry with a screwdriver.

Dry the tire and spray a special liquid to enhance the appearance of the tire, leave it wet, not wipe it so that the liquid can seep into the tire so that the tire becomes moist and protected from cracks.

Next is tire care which includes wind pressure and physical tires that we commonly do in the workshop but there are a number of things you can do on your own, consider some of the following important tips:

ukuran dan tekanan ban

Always get used to checking the tire pressure in the air because inadequate pressure can cause wear faster and it can cause accidents, this is due to greater tire friction with asphalt that can cause the tire to become hot.

The ideal tire pressure is generally listed on the sticker inside the right front door or in the vehicle manual, you should memorize it to make it easier for you to check the wind in the workshop or tire wind filling place.

It is recommended that tire pressure measurements be carried out when the tire is cold, if the tire is in hot conditions due to long trips it should be cooled first.

Regular tire pressure checks should be done once a month so that tire pressure is always in the recommended ideal portion of the pressure, so the tires are always in optimal condition.

Always be aware of holes in the road because holes can cause bumps or tires to become unbalanced or unbalanced.

For a flat and balanced tire surface, periodically rotate tires every 10,000 km by means of a right front cross exchange to the left rear and front left exchange right behind.

Make sure the tire valve is closed because the tire without a valve cover can cause reduced pressure when the wheel is spinning.

Perform regular spooring to keep tires properly on the asphalt because the bad footings cause wear tires only on one side or often called a side sign or symptoms can be felt where the steer will turn itself when walking straight.

Make sure the tire is in balance, it is characterized by vibration in the steer when the speed is above 90 km / hr.

Pay attention to the weight of your vehicle, carrying excessive loads can cause tire pressure to get bigger and very dangerous.

Thus tips for maintaining and caring for tires for cars. May be useful!