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Very Useful Tire Care For Your Car

Tires as part of a car that needs attention, tires are not just a display, but more important is tire pressure because it can be a cause of accidents and waste of fuel. Tire care is divided into 2 parts, pay attention to some of my following explanations, which must be very useful for you.


Treatments related to appearance that we can do ourselves with the following stages:

Wash the tires cleanly using soap to detect leaks (patch if there is an indication of leakage) after that use a special Wax and tire cleaner, this serves to clean the tires and alloy wheels from the mud and the dirt that does not forget to spray water on the area that has been cleaned.

Check the tire carefully, sometimes there are nails, wires or other sharp objects that stick in the tire but do not make the tire leak, if there is an object, pull it out with pliers or pry with a screwdriver.

Dry the tire and spray a special liquid to enhance the appearance of the tire, leave it wet, not wipe it so that the liquid can seep into the tire so that the tire becomes moist and protected from cracks.

Next is tire care which includes wind pressure and physical tires that we commonly do in the workshop but there are a number of things you can do on your own, consider some of the following important tips:

ukuran dan tekanan ban

Always get used to checking the tire pressure in the air because inadequate pressure can cause wear faster and it can cause accidents, this is due to greater tire friction with asphalt that can cause the tire to become hot.

The ideal tire pressure is generally listed on the sticker inside the right front door or in the vehicle manual, you should memorize it to make it easier for you to check the wind in the workshop or tire wind filling place.

It is recommended that tire pressure measurements be carried out when the tire is cold, if the tire is in hot conditions due to long trips it should be cooled first.

Regular tire pressure checks should be done once a month so that tire pressure is always in the recommended ideal portion of the pressure, so the tires are always in optimal condition.

Always be aware of holes in the road because holes can cause bumps or tires to become unbalanced or unbalanced.

For a flat and balanced tire surface, periodically rotate tires every 10,000 km by means of a right front cross exchange to the left rear and front left exchange right behind.

Make sure the tire valve is closed because the tire without a valve cover can cause reduced pressure when the wheel is spinning.

Perform regular spooring to keep tires properly on the asphalt because the bad footings cause wear tires only on one side or often called a side sign or symptoms can be felt where the steer will turn itself when walking straight.

Make sure the tire is in balance, it is characterized by vibration in the steer when the speed is above 90 km / hr.

Pay attention to the weight of your vehicle, carrying excessive loads can cause tire pressure to get bigger and very dangerous.

Thus tips for maintaining and caring for tires for cars. May be useful!

Car Engines Really Need Quality Lubricants

Oil is one component that is inseparable from the engine, whether it’s a motorbike, a car, and other vehicles. Engine oil has a dark color. Engine oil has a liquid and thick form.

All types of engines require oil, including car engines. Of course you already know that there are many brands and types of oil sold on the market, one of the best is Schaeffer Oil. This oil has several benefits if used in car engines according to the rules. You can take care of your car’s engine by using good quality oil, namely Schaeffer Oil.

One of the benefits of engine oil on a car’s engine is to keep the engine from being hit by friction. Usually the engine experiences friction between metals; with engine oil, friction can be reduced and make the engine more durable. You will be safe if you are driving a car equipped with good engine oil from Schaeffer Oil. This oil will maximize the function or work of the engine when the car is used frequently.

Engine oil can cool the engine of the car. If the car is used continuously, it will cause the temperature inside the engine to increase dramatically. To help cool the car’s engine in the right way, you can Buy Schaeffer Oil at as the engine lubricant on the car. This site provides the best range of oils for all types of cars. By using good oil, the engine will be good and not easy to heat. It is very safe to use Schaeffer Oil in long distance because the engine remains cold and not too hot.

Using the right lubricant can save fuel. If you use fuel that is quality like Schaeffer Oil, the car’s engine will be well maintained. Another way to save fuel is to always replace the lubricant on time. If the car engine uses a lot of fuel, you will also benefit automatically; you can save more money to buy fuel when running vehicles every day.

Schaeffer Oil helps your engine adapt to the extreme condition quickly. Not only human, car engines also need to adjust to the environment and the weather. Extreme weather makes the engine of the car will also be disturbed if not cared for properly. To take care of the car’s engine well in extreme weather, you can use Schaeffer Oil. This lubricant will help the car’s engine be maintained in any weather and conditions.

The continuously used machine will get dirty quickly. You cannot disassemble the machine and clean it yourself; to help with this problem, you can use Schaeffer Oil. This engine oil serves to clean the engine, so it does not get dirty and also does not interfere with the engine function. So you will still be comfortable and safe driving a car to go anywhere. The car engine is made of metal that is easily corroded. So, to prevent the engine from being worn out easily because of the corrosion process, it could use Schaeffer Oil. This engine oil lubricates and keeps the metal components intact.

Wedding Car Hire – Reasonable Choice for The Wedding Today

Everyone wants to look special at weddings, including wedding couples. In addition to dresses and luxury wedding venues, wedding cars are also a concern now. Having a luxury car for a wedding is everyone’s dream; you have to be happy if you have a luxury car for a wedding. What if you don’t have a super luxury car? Don’t worry; your wedding will remain luxuriously through Wedding Car Hire.

Wedding Car Hire is becoming more common today because bridal couples want to look luxurious on special days. They also want to look special on social media, filling out social media galleries with wedding photos with luxury cars is sure to be fun. Everyone will know that your wedding is the best and the most important thing is that your marriage is not inferior to the wedding of artists who use luxury wedding cars.

Where can you get the best Wedding Car Hire Company? More and more car rental companies offer special wedding car rental services, you can access to get the best service. The company will provide two of the best services, namely the best driver and luxury car. Wedding Car Hire service is different from standard rental car services; the driver will transport you from home to the church or wedding site without the hassles. Please sit in a luxury car and concentrate on enjoying the happiness that you will never forget.

The Wedding Car Hire Company provides many styles of cars that can be rented. I suggest finding a car that matches the overall feel of your wedding day. Also, be sure to check with your local rental company before setting your heart on a particular car style. If you need a reference to the most popular wedding car styles, you can read my explanation below or visit

Limousines have always been a popular choice; these cars always look special for weddings. In addition to luxury, limousines can accommodate many people while allowing all weddings to travel together. This special car provides space to stretch your legs, maybe you can lie down. Calculate how many people will deliver your wedding! And talk with the Wedding Car Hire Company to get effective services. Besides Limousines, Rolls Royce Phantom and Bentley Flying Spur are perfect examples of luxury cars available to rent for your wedding day. The cars give the impression of luxury and glamour for your special day. This car will be present at your wedding, even though you don’t have one, but it’s very lucky if you can feel the sensation of riding new Limousines, Rolls Royce Phantom and Bentley Flying Spur.

Imagine how nice it is to be driven around with luxury on your special day. Don’t think that the rental price for a luxury car doesn’t make sense to you. You need to know that the company is trying to fulfill client requests; especially if you get a discount, then this will make a lot of sense for you, right?


Hunting Auto Parts For Older Cars

old car

Are you trying to find a cheaper way to get spare parts? The cost of spare parts can be very expensive and more and more people are now trying to find sources other than traditional auto parts stores. For older cars, it is better to try to find a recycling part than to buy a new one. People can easily find these recycling parts from automatic destroyers and recyclers. Online sites on the internet also carry these types of items, which you can buy at lower prices. This method will help keep your wallet safe.

Many people will hesitate to buy spare parts from recyclers because they are not so sure whether these parts are suitable for their car. If you are one of those people who are afraid that you might get parts that are not really suitable for your car, you must remember that your car is a mass-produced model and there are definitely thousands like lying around a few junk yards waiting to be found. If you take the time to really find what you need, you can usually find it in a junkyard. This is the most used alternative way for almost all old car owners.

If your “hero” is only about 15 years old, there is a high chance that you can find everything you need from a recycling center. Most recyclers even provide guarantees on the parts they sell so that it will be easy for you to return or replace parts that are damaged or not really suitable for your car. The good news about recycled parts is that recyclers will be happy to sell the parts you need for a fraction of the original price. This is very cheap, right? Why can prices be so affordable? Because junkyard companies buy junk cars at very cheap prices.

Don’t be confused with the safety of your old car, because now you will find what you need in one place. More important is that these junkyards sites can also offer you good offers.

Try approaching companies that specialize in auto parts. Famous sites on the internet are worthy of you trying because they have some of the best inventions when it comes to spare parts.



Additive Oil for Long Trips

Additive oil mixed with engine oil can make the engine’s performance more protected, although there are some people who don’t agree. Additive oil will give maximum results if used wisely, it means to use additive oil as needed, for example, when you will travel long distances or travel in extreme terrain. What happens when you are stuck in traffic? Even though it is stuck in long distance travel, the vehicle’s engine still works and produces heat from friction. In this condition the additive in the car lubricant is useless; the engine requires TriboTEX to improve engine performance.

When the car is on a long distance trip or at extreme temperatures, the engine noise becomes worse. The sound becomes coarser and unpleasant to hear, Well, Nano particles contained in additive oil seep into the metal pores in the machine so that the sound becomes smoother even in extreme weather. Cars that are often used for long distance trips are more likely to cause much friction; this friction will cause many impacts such as unpleasant sound, rust, and wasteful fuel.

Using additive oil must be more prudent. Additive oil is a mixture that makes oil molecules more resistant when they have to work hard. It is very good to use TriboTEX when the engine requires maximum performance than normal conditions; you can also add it to racing cars, sports cars, lawn mower, or large vehicles such as buses, trucks, tractors, etc. If you are interested in using additive oil, this is the rule of use:

1. Mix additive oil after making oil changes.

2. The oil dose must be right, don’t overdo it. Do not let the oil dose exceed the standard because it will have a bad effect.

3. Pour the additive oil directly into the oil filler hole. Don’t be confused if the sound and vibration are silent, because that is the effect. Within 500 miles you will feel the difference in distance and horsepower.

4. Keep changing engine oil as directed. You can add additives to extend the life of the oil. Don’t neglect to change oil regularly. Additive oil is an additional lubricant; its performance still requires default oil.

5. Additive oils like TriboTEX are very easy to obtain. You can get it at any time, even if you forget to buy it. You can access to get the best additive oil. You can store it in the trunk even if you don’t use it.

The use of additive oil can prolong the life of the default lubricating oil. You can replace oil after a distance of 3,000-5,000 miles. TriboTEX will continue to function even after your oil changes. Use TriboTEX every 40,000 miles to get the maximum performance from your car’s engine.